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At MOSAIQ we understand that passage finding is an art and science. That’s why we created CurationIQ, a discovery tool and content marketplace. The true heart of the CurationIQ engine is the taxonomy.

It was created from having done educational passage finding and working with passage finders for almost twenty years in assessment, curriculum, supplemental, and software products.

There’s nothing else like it available. You can access this self-serve secure platform to read, curate, and share entire books. Use the spyglass to zoom in and out and instantly jump across pages. Full text search within the book is also available. And once you do find the content you need, you don’t need to contact multiple publishers.

All content in CurationIQ is represented by MOSAIQ and is your single source for licensing. All educational product creators and publishers that license third-party content receive free access to CurationIQ.

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