Answers to some of the most common questions.

What is CurationIQ?

MOSAIQ’s CurationIQ is an asset discovery tool and content marketplace with a focus on licensing content into the educational markets. The curation model is driven by partnerships with high-quality small and indie to mid-size publishers. The heart of the CurationIQ engine is the unique taxonomy and metadata built for creators of curriculum, assessment, supplemental, and software educational products.

How do I license content from CurationIQ?

MOSAIQ represents all CurationIQ’s Publishing Partners. Submit your request here.

What is the typical turnaround time for license requests?

MOSAIQ strives to provide timely replies. Times will vary by Publisher, however, MOSAIQ understands project time sensitives and will always advocate for the quickest replies. Please provide any deadlines in the request.

What are the licensing fees?

Licensing fees will vary by the nature and scope of your request. The Publisher sets the licensing fee(s). Nonetheless, MOSAIQ will be happy to relay any budget constraints or concerns to the Publisher as your request is facilitated.

What’s the policy for modifying content?

Each Publisher will maintain their policies on modifications. MOSAIQ will share any available guidelines provided by the Publishers on their Publisher Page.

How do I request a publisher or content type be added to CurationIQ?

We love good content and strive to provide a wide scope across genres, levels, content areas, subjects, and interests. If you’d like to request a certain Publisher or type of content, please email or use the contact form here. We’ll do our best to make it happen!