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Our Services Include

Maximizing existing relationships and expanding new customers and channels

Evaluating assets and channels to create new revenue opportunities

Our Services Include

Preparing your assets for discovery and monetization

Representing your content to cultivate deals and partnerships via CurationIQ or other solutions

Our Services Include

Representing your product to cultivate partnerships and content

Consulting for asset management, taxonomy, and metadata

Our Services Include

Rights and contract audits

Consultant for rights management

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Search, Discover, Curate, and License – All in ONE Platform

Discover new content in a new way. MOSAIQ’s CurationIQ is a content marketplace built for educational product creators. Finding and licensing exceptional PreK-12 content is now easier than ever.

CurationIQ is an asset discovery tool and content marketplace with a focus on licensing content into the educational markets. The curation model is driven by partnerships with high-quality small and indie to large publishers. The heart of the CurationIQ engine is the unique taxonomy and metadata built for creators of curriculum, assessment, supplemental, and software educational products. This enables a very special platform to find content previously undiscovered for existing and new channels of educational products.


Publishers and Media Content Owners

  • Upload files
  • Expert MOSAIQ taggers read and deep tag assets
  • Assets released for discovery in CurationIQ
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Mosaiq's CurationIQ

  • Search
  • Find
  • Curate
  • Share
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Educational Product Creators

  • License across all publishers with one source
  • Requests can be submitted through CurationIQ or by email
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Publishing Partners